What is an Unconference?

An unconference is the opposite of a conference. Where a conference has a schedule of talks planned in advance, an unconference starts with no agenda until the attendees, not the organisers, determine one.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a talk to the event, with the day having 30 minute slots including time for questions, and time for people to change rooms ready for the next talk to begin.

The focus of the unconference is the Drupal Content Management Framework, and supporting subjects including databases, frameworks, security, UX, front-end development and design are also encouraged.

Why you should totally come!

  • Unconferences are a great occasion to trial a new talk
  • Drupal 8 is now widely adopted; it's time to swap tales from the front line
  • The informal atmosphere fosters networking amongst the community
  • Lack of a formal structure encourages branching out to topics fresh to you
  • Amazing value for money


Tickets are available now through our Eventbrite page.

Places are limited so we urge you to sign up early!

Hang on, I have questions!

Hopefully they'll be answered somewhere on this page but if not, get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

How do I get there?

Directions will be provided in the run up to the event.

What should I talk about?

Whatever you want! As long as it relates to Drupal in some way we're open to any topic. How to guides, a community issue, a case study. Come and share something you're passionate about.

How long should my session be?

Sessions will be about 30 minutes.

Do I need slides?

Not at all, we're open to any type of session. Whether you want to stand and talk, bring props, use the provided whiteboards, have a discussion or anything else we want you to take part. If you do want to use slides, a projector will be available with common adapters. We recommend making sure your slides are available online so that, should the worst happen, you can still access them on the day.

If you have any doubts at all, get in touch and we'll try to sort something out.

Do I have to talk?

No. You're more than welcome to come and meet people, take in the talks and have a great day. However, the unconference will be a great place to do your first talk or to try out a new idea. We will be a friendly and encouraging audience.

Who Are NWDUG?

  • The North West Drupal User Group (NWDUG) is a group for Drupal users in the North West of England
  • We have a regular meetup on the second Tuesday of every month in Manchester as well as other events and activities
  • Find out when the next meet up is happening on our Meetup group